Device Identification and Fraud Prevention

Current methods of catching low quality users and clicks has quickly become outdated as fraudsters continue to improve their levels of sophistication and techniques.


Try our unique and advanced real-time device fingerprinting and forensic analysis approach to catch the most advanced down to the casual fraudster.  With up to 40 forensic markers, customizable fraud scoring, and 100s of data points we identify a wide range of fraud.

  • Residential Proxies, Data center, Tor, and VPN activity.

  • GeoIP Location spoofing

  • IP Blacklisting

  • Domain reputation

  • Bots, automated behavior, and Emulators

  • Browser spoofing

  • Browser tampering

  • Fingerprint spoofing

  • Duplicate accounts, survey taking

  • High velocity/frequency indicators within a day, week, and month

  • Bad Device behavior

New possibilities for your business


Fraud patterns change everyday... so does our pattern recognition techniques.  Let us help you stay one step ahead of the threats.


Contact us to learn more about the Most Sophisticated and Most Cost Effective Device Fraud Prevention product in the industry!  

About us

We have been combating fraud in the Market Research industry for over 11 years.  Our founder was the creator of the TrueSample fraud suite as well as the product branded as CleanID.  Our mission is to help ensure accurate survey insights across the entire Market Research ecosystem.


Our goal is to provide best in class fraud prevention tools, at the best price, that enable our clients to prevent fraud early on in the Market Reseach process.



Our Experts will reach out to you shortly to discuss your fraud needs, whether its scheduling a demo, arranging a trial, or answering questions.